Founder, Danielle Bagley, has always had a deep desire to help others. However, after facing many life altering experiences, her desire soon began dwindling. That’s when God stepped in and drastically changed her life.

In December 2016, Unapologetically Living for Christ was birthed. Unapologetically Living for Christ aims to set men and women free from whatever may be keeping them bound by being unashamed of their story and the Gospel of Christ.

“We ALL have a past. I pray this ministry will encourage, inspire, and motivate men and women to not be ashamed of what they’ve been through or what they’ve done. There’s power in your testimony and truly can help others facing the same obstacles. We have a purpose on this earth and we must tap into it to be who we’ve been created to be and do. Christ isn’t calling us to have it all together, to be perfect, or overly religious but a people after His own heart and willing to be unapologetic for His name sake.”

The Cost of the Walk Conference starts in...

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